Monday, March 7, 2011

Black and white

For those who don't know, you probably don't care. But black and white, the new pokemon games, came out yesterday.

The core game is exactly the same as ever other generation, there are 156 new pokemon most of which are decent as far as looks go. I prefer them a lot more then the previous one.

Major changed to the game other than the looks are the inclusion of tripple battles. Which work more like an emperor games of magic. And...idk the dreamworld? Where gamefreek can modify pokemon and rerelease them. That will have a deffinat effect on the meta game.

My progress in the game is a little slow. The pokemon I keep tend to be a little underleveled as ivam more interested in colecting then actually playing the game.

Don't forget about the wifi victini. Having the strongest single attack in he game v-generate with a 180 base fire attack.

Sadly I have been much more interested in playing persona 3 for no real reason over the past couple days.


  1. i love pokemon, but only the old ones, the know are shit.

    but thx for sharing :)

  2. I got Black the day before it was released.
    Man do I get Final Fantasy vibes from it!
    It's like Pokémon: Story Mode, lol.
    The story in the game goes far beyond what we've seen in other generations! So far as to interrupt your Elite Four Champion match by having Team Plasma take over!
    It's simply epic.