Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pokemon rant

I get kinda tired of people talking about how they only ever like the first 150 pokemon or that they only so as far as the gold/silver generation. They normally base this on looks and I will admit generation 3 does look like garbage but 4 and 5 look fine if not better then the first 2. The issue come from pure nostalgia.

I will admit to being an avid pokemon player. But I will never say that they are good games. They are always the same and the story was never good to begin with. You may have though so when you were 6 but were past that now and its clear that there bad. The first gen might even hold water because of now linier it is. There is far less simple running around stoping the bad guys then in later gens.

The advantage to playing with more then just the first gen is huge though considering the pool of pokemon. This is more of a meta game look at it but take ghost pokemon for instance...there is one, haunter. That's its. Not to say he was ever bad but he has one type and therfor while easy to counter has a place on every team. Same with alakazam. He's crazy good.  Baring mewtwo probably the best in the set. And what's your counter? Scyther? There are no good bug pokemon to fight it off. Heracross was basically invented to fght him.

I'm not saying there are staple pokemon in the current meta game, scizor was on most teams because he's crazy good and there have never been a surplus of good fire pokemon/attacks in the game but flame thrower will kill him ourtight from almost anything. Same with ttar. He's rally good and bosts an immunity to psysic attacks. Combined with crunch just wins. The shere number of pokemon though help to curb this.

Next is the usefullness of abilities, scizor because good because of tecknition. No one uses swarm. The new dream world proves this with the ban on rain and possably all whether effects barring sandstorm and hail...because well, hail is garbage.

That being said, I play pokemon because I have this need to collect things and this is probably the best place to do it, elsewise you end up with 200 some odd ps2 games you are never going to play.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Black and white

For those who don't know, you probably don't care. But black and white, the new pokemon games, came out yesterday.

The core game is exactly the same as ever other generation, there are 156 new pokemon most of which are decent as far as looks go. I prefer them a lot more then the previous one.

Major changed to the game other than the looks are the inclusion of tripple battles. Which work more like an emperor games of magic. And...idk the dreamworld? Where gamefreek can modify pokemon and rerelease them. That will have a deffinat effect on the meta game.

My progress in the game is a little slow. The pokemon I keep tend to be a little underleveled as ivam more interested in colecting then actually playing the game.

Don't forget about the wifi victini. Having the strongest single attack in he game v-generate with a 180 base fire attack.

Sadly I have been much more interested in playing persona 3 for no real reason over the past couple days.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pokemon update

Someone commented about the celebii. It is still avaible at game stops in america till the release of black and white. When it will be moved over to victini, I realise that's probably not how you spell it. Suicune should also be avaible over the wifi, this will allow access to the zoraku event.

Elsewise I'm kinda blogging from work so I won't hyperlink anything but todays pennyacrade and xkcd were pretty good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry for the delay, my sickness has kind od knocked me on my ass. After about 2 days of doing nothing but playing wow. And one long night of drinking I am back though and ready to tell you about my day.

Nothing really special happoned...

Okay that's not true, yesterday the final pokemon even for dppt went live at gamestop actoss america. Featuring for the first time since 2006. Celebi. And with that I was able to complete my pokedex running 493/493. Perhaps a post on the current meta game? Would you guys be interestid in that?

Also look for my next movie review on probably unknown. I saw that acupple days ago. Should be up tomorrow night, or maybe tonight depending on how much I feel like drinking.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Working while you are sick is one of the most aweful experances of ones life. The projection booth has almost no moisture for my throat so I'm stuck with a hot chocolate. Which while doing its job is still too hot to drink efficently.

Elsewise the job is pretty simple. Any mindset you can be under and still ride a bike properly will allow you to work a 35mm projector.

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Valenties day.

So we ended up going to dinner and seeing Gnomio and Juliet for V day. and in total it was a pretty good night. gunna spend tonight at home watching some more movies with her on account of the fact that im getting sick.

Should be a terrible work week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

update on V day

Picnics are a little out on account of the foot on snow n the ground, maybe in the summer, and the Cinema is lackluster because I work there. I have however made my decision and am looking forward to the rest of the day.